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Volunteering Support

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The members of the Executive Committee are all volunteers. They require your help in the management of the Temple and its activities.

There are many ways you can help in the running of the Temple, please contact us if you have any availability:

  • We need extra hands, especially on festival days.

  • If you have any special skills such as IT, marketing and the operation of sound and music systems.

  • If you can spare some time on a regular basis to assist in the management of the Temple activities.

  • The Executive are happy to co-opt members on to the committee if they feel they can

  • contribute to its current and future activities.

  • The Reading Hindu Temple also helps in promoting its charitable and educational vision by supporting local schools and charities. The current programme includes:

  • School visits to the Temple to help in their understanding of the Hindu religion and culture

  • Allowing scouting projects which helps them towards their Duke of Edinburgh awards


There is an urgent need for volunteers for the following activities:

Duke of Edingburgh
Volunteering Option 2
Volunteering Option 3
Volunteering Option 4
Volunteering Option 5
Volunteering Option 6

Please provide your details below if you have any interest in joining us, offering your support or would require further information.

Thanks for submitting!

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