The Reading Hindu Temple is your Temple. The Temple needs members, especially those who wish to participate in its management and who wish to contribute to the future wellbeing of the Temple. This includes the appointment of the Executive Committee who carry out the day-to-day management and financial control.


The types of membership and criteria for being a member are shown here: [Constitution Document]


The main privilege a membership offer is voting rights. You have the right of one vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EGM), or any General Meeting called by the Executive Committee where members are required to cast a vote, provided that the Annual / Life member has been a member of the Charity continuously for a period of not less than twelve months up to the date of the notice of such meeting. [Link to membership application form]

Executive Committee Members

Govind Bhatti.JPG

Govind Bhatti


Image by Sonika Agarwal

Shashi Kumar Mawkin

Property & Services

Khusboo Panwar.JPG

Khushboo Panwar

Publicity & Marketing

Vijay Mistry 2.JPG

Vijay Mistry

General Management & Strategy

KM Passport DSCF7668.JPG

Karanvir Mehra


Bhupendra Sankhla.jpg

Bhupendra Sankla

Legal Affairs

Sunil Mehan.JPG

Sunil Mehan

IT Management

Laxman Chouhan.JPG

Laxman Chouhan

Bhupendra Sodha.JPG

Bhupendra Sodha

Srikrishan Sriram.JPG

Srikrishnan Sriram

Constitution & Governance

The Reading Hindu Centre is the Charity that includes The Reading Hindu Centre Constitution Document.


This document provides the overall framework agreed with the Charities Commission on how The Reading

Hindu Temple is managed in summary, these include:

  1. Procedures and process for the appointment of the Executive Committee

  2. Membership process

  3. Financial Controls

  4. Application of the Income and Property

  5. Accounts, Annual Report and Annual Returns

It is the membership that appoints the Executive Committee and gives them the power to manage the Temple and the activities allowed within the constitution.

The Executive Committee manages the Temple on behalf of its members for the benefit of the Hindu community. It is therefore very important that you attend the AGM and contribute to the decisions affecting the Temple and the Hindu community.